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  • Muzahn
    Coyotes are now being commonly spotted in many urban areas. pairs have been spotted in cities as big as Los Angelesand Dallas. They are one of the only populations of animals that seem to be mostly increasing rather than decreasing.
  • Nesar
    The coyote is one wildlife species that has adapted to human-disturbed environments and can thrive in close proximity to populated areas. Range: Originally an inhabitant of the western plains of the United States, the coyote now occurs from Alaska south into Central America and east from the Atlantic Provinces to the southeastern United States.
  • Nilrajas
    The coyote is native only in North America and, of all wild canine species, the coyote has the widest range in this country. This predator is arguably the hardiest and most adaptable species on this continent.
  • Dokora
    A coyote’s diet consists of pretty much anything that they can find in the area they are in at the time. They do have their favorites though which consist of: small mammals, insects, reptiles, fruit, and carrion. They are not that picky when it comes to food. Wisconsin coyotes have a unique kind of behavior. They will change their breeding.
  • Yorn
    The Coyote is an extremely intelligent animal with keen senses of hearing, sight and smell. It primarily is nocturnal and very opportunistic. Coyotes will eat just about anything. They feed primarily on rabbits, rodents and insects, but they also eat carrion, lizards, snakes, fruit, vegetable matter and even fish.
  • Akishakar
    An encounter with a coyote in the urban and suburban landscape is a rare event, even where coyotes are found in large numbers. These animals are generally nocturnal and seldom seen. You may catch a glimpse of a coyote, however, as they move from one part of their territory to another in search of prey (usually small mammals such as mice or voles).
  • Voodookree
    Definition of coyote 1: a buff-gray to reddish-gray swift carnivorous mammal (Canis latrans) of North America that is closely related to but smaller than the wolf, has a narrow pointed muzzle and triangular ears, hunts singly or in small groups, and is known for its .
  • Vudogar
    Physical description At first glance, the coyote resembles a small German shepherd dog, yet its color can vary from animal to animal. Shades include black, brown, gray, yellow, rust, and tan. Coyotes also have shorter, bushier tails that are carried low, almost dragging the ground, and longer, narrower muzzles than their dog cousins.
  • Zulkirr
    noun, plural coy·o·tes, (especially collectively) coy·o·te. Also called prairie wolf. a buffy-gray, wolflike canid, Canis latrans, of North America, distinguished from the wolf by its relatively small size and its slender build, large ears, and narrow muzzle. Slang. a contemptible person, especially an .

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