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  • Zudal
    Welcome to /r/patientgamers!. A gaming sub for people who wait at least 6 months after release to play a game. Whether it's because they won't/can't pay full price, are waiting for bugs/issues to be patched, DLC to be released, don't meet the system requirements, or just haven't had the time to .
  • Akinor
    Sep 09,  · Light. Worms need the subterranean darkness they’re used to. Too much light can be fatal. Keeping your worm bin in a dark basement or garage is ideal to maintain healthy light levels — or keep the bin lid on. For an outdoor worm bin, keep a lid or cover closed, especially during daylight hours. Fresh Air. Worms need some fresh air!
  • Bagrel
    May 01,  · Take off your pink sunglasses, W:A is a fairly dead game for multiplayer standards, and other games in the series such as Worms Reloaded, Mayhem (despite dead official servers), Ultimate Mayhem, Revolution and Clan Wars, Open Warfare 2 - well, any Worms game with working servers has a similar population. Wrong.
  • Gusho
    Surrender is the last resort for a badly beaten team. Using it removes the player from actively playing, which means you will surrender and your opponent will win (unless there are still two or more teams remaining). Surrendering doesn't necessarily give back anything if used, which makes it practically the same as losing a match, except that you don't have to finish it. There are seven Appears in: All Worms games.
  • Tarn
    Aug 15,  · A few other new addictions to Worms Clan Wars are the dynamic water effects. It really is a game changer now. Players can take out a bank holding water and the water will fall, rush and flow its way down, taking out whatever worm may be in its way. There are also water-based weapons that make an appearance that can easily turn the tide on a match.
  • Mezishura
    Achievement Description Best. Clan. Ever. - Create your own clan, complete with emblem. Confidence Boost - Win a ranked Clan Match. Group Up - Complete "Meat In The Middle". High and Dry - Complete "Worm On Trap". Liking the Taste - Kill a total of 10 enemy worms. Man v.
  • Kagashura
    Landmarks: % a cave with those luminescent worms. Actually, that could be a ceremony of sorts too. Apprentices arent luminescent until they complete their training. Then, they have to spend a moon in the caverns to prove their self sufficiency, and learn how hard it is to live without a Clan.
  • Sataxe
    Drowning worms is sadistic fun. The classes are interesting to screw around with, their differences enhanced (the soldier can blow grenades with the tap of a button, the heavy guy does more damage and makes a huge explosion upon death, etc.), though it's clear a .
  • Kagazuru
    Beautiful worms there was 2 dead in there but ok I gave this a one star to get pls attention when you get your worms I have learned to turn it over so the food is at the bottom for atleast a week the little tiny babies on the bottom cannot reach the food so they tend to die out so flipping it would be better and give it a day or two to fatten the little guys up and then flip it Reviews:

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